Jane's Art Center, nestled within the charming Canal Street Historic District of New Smyrna Beach, made its debut on the city's thriving art scene back in 2018. From the very beginning, Jane's Art Center set its sights on a distinctive artistic path, with a primary focus on the realm of fine ceramics.

This strategic decision not only showcased the center's dedication to the craft but also enriched the local arts community with a unique offering.

Over the years, Jane's Art Center has grown into a creative haven, drawing artists and enthusiasts alike to explore the boundless possibilities of ceramics and beyond, cementing its place as a treasured cultural gem in New Smyrna Beach.

The Space

The distinctive gallery space represents a range of work from artists from local to national prominence.  Dedicated to learning and creative growth, the heart of Jane's, though, is the clay studio.  With comprehensive facilities and top-notch instructors, the educational opportunities at Jane's offer both beginner and experienced potters the chance to advance their skills in a supportive environment.


“Happy," pottery by Julie Harbers

Exhibition through September 30 - In its fine particles, clay reflects the energy we carry and the shapes and mood we habitually convey. In its forms and on its surface, we express the symbols we are drawn to. With consideration of these things, we often find lost parts of ourselves. Harbers’ pottery contradicts any serious or reserved aspects of her personality. It becomes a canvas for an exuberant and playful inner world. Most people describe her pottery as “happy.” Harbers believes it connects her to her own deep wellspring of joy.