Jane’s Art Center provides a versatile venue space that accommodates a wide range of events.

From small and intimate gatherings to larger occasions like weddings, milestone parties, fundraisers, or concerts, our space offers a seamless setting. Our Gallery serves as an excellent option for hosting your guests, whether it's for cocktail receptions or a cozy dining experience with a maximum seating capacity of 20.

As your guests gather, they will be enveloped in the artistic ambiance that defines Jane’s Art Center. If the Gallery doesn't align with your requirements, our Lanai and Garden provide an alternative that might suit your needs more effectively.

Lanai and Garden

Situated between the Gallery and the Garden, our Lanai provides a sheltered space for your events. It boasts a generously sized farmhouse-style table complemented by relaxed seating, creating an inviting atmosphere. The Adirondack chairs in the Garden have proven to be a favorite among guests, allowing them to immerse themselves in the whimsical art and captivating garden sculptures.

With a capacity to host up to 100 guests, your event can unfold against the backdrop of this charming outdoor haven.

Jane’s Art Center rents the Gallery or Lanai and Garden independently or the whole facility.